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November 2007 release

November 2007 Release Notes

20070721.01.tpd.patch update contributor name list
20070721.02.tpd.patch make evalSharpOne declare arg specials (Waldek Hebisch)
20070722.01.tpd.patch cleanup latex warnings
20070810.01.tpd.patch remove metameta
20070811.01.tpd.patch add mathml (Arthur Ralfs)
20070811.02.tpd.patch remove spurious trace debug calls (Greg Vanuxem)
20070811.03.tpd.patch fix digits-by-radix (Steve Wilson)
20070812.01.tpd.patch remerge input branch
20070812.02.tpd.patch mathml license change
20070812.03.tpd.patch newton.spad added
20070819.01.tpd.patch move commands into bookvol6
20070821.01.tpd.patch remove bookvol6.idx file
20070821.02.tpd.patch move axiom command to bookvol6
20070822.01.tpd.patch document the axiom command
20070822.02.tpd.patch add )help files
20070823.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070824.01.tpd.patch add )help documentation to algebra sources
20070826.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070826.02.tpd.patch add )help files
20070826.03.tpd.patch update VERSION variable
20070901.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070903.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070905.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070906.01.tpd.patch add )help files
20070907.01.tpd.patch copy axiom command to int
20070907.02.tpd.patch make regression respect NOISE variable
20070909.01.tpd.patch remove duplicate newton.spad
20070913.01.tpd.patch schaum1.input added
20070914.01.tpd.patch fix )hd restart (Jose Portes)
20070914.02.tpd.patch remove double )spool from regression tests
20070914.03.tpd.patch fix bad bracing of )hd command
20070915.01.tpd.patch cleanup regression tests
20070915.02.tpd.patch 100 integrate((z^a+1)^b,z) infinite loop
20070916.01.tpd.patch 103 solve(z=z,z)
20070921.01.tpd.patch 101 laplace(log(z),z,w)
20070927.01.tpd.patch add pfaffian regression test
20070929.01.tpd.patch remove pfaffian regression test
20071003.01.tpd.patch add AxiomServer domain
20071004.01.tpd.patch kamke0 ODE regression tests
20071004.02.tpd.patch kamke1 ODE regression tests
20071005.01.tpd.patch kamke2 ODE regression tests
20071005.02.tpd.patch kamke3 ODE regression tests
20071005.03.tpd.patch kamke4 ODE regression tests
20071005.04.tpd.patch kamke5 ODE regression tests
20071006.01.tpd.patch kamke6 ODE regression tests
20071006.02.tpd.patch kamke7 ODE regression tests
20071013.01.acr.patch add Arthur Ralfs license
20071014.01.acr.patch use getContentType(pathvar) in axserver (Arthur Ralfs)
20071020.01.acr.patch fix axserver to use new return values (Arthur Ralfs)
20071118.01.tpd.patch 7010 (209), 7011 fix i-output bugs
20071119.01.tpd.patch add fedora 6,7,8 stanzas

January 2008 Release

January 2008 Release Notes

20071129.01.tpd.patch add zips/axiomfonts.tgz for mathml
20071129.02.tpd.patch remove some mathml fonts, change instructions
20071205.01.tpd.patch 7014, 7016 fix continuedFraction mathml
20071206.01.tpd.patch 7020 find right sourcefile for )show
20071208.01.tpd.patch add makeDBPage, getShow to AxiomServer domain
20071215.01.tpd.patch rewrite boot code to lisp and add to bookvol5
20071215.02.tpd.patch fix Makefile typos for bookvol11 and axbook
20071215.03.gxv.patch 7023 fix memory leak in makegraph.c (Greg Vanuxem)
20071216.01.tpd.patch put Aldor into build process
20071216.02.tpd.patch put Aldor into build process
20071216.03.acr.patch 7019 fix F,3 mathml rendering (Arthur Ralfs)
20071217.01.acr.patch fix hex(10) mathml rendering (Arthur Ralfs)
20071217.02.tpd.patch 7041, 7042 ignore regression gensyms
20071218.01.acr.patch fix lastType output (Arthur Ralfs)
20071225.01.sxw.patch fix top_level throw target typo (Steve Wilson)
20071228.01.tpd.patch create graphics for complex gamma function
20071229.01.jap.patch fix hardcoded firefox pathnames (Jose Portes)
20071230.01.acr.patch fix ambiguous mathml output (Arthur Ralfs)
20071230.02.tpd.patch update summation.input with new mathml output
20071230.03.tpd.patch prevent spurious remake of axbook
20080102.01.tpd.patch fix Makefile typo for axbook
20080103.01.tpd.patch 7090/355 handle besselK
20080104.01.tpd.patch function renames in regression files
20080104.02.tpd.patch correct authorship of besselk patches
20080106.01.tpd.patch revert dgamma change
20080107.01.tpd.patch add multiple platforms to Makefile
20080107.02.tpd.patch regression test gamma and polygamma
20080107.03.tpd.patch regression test besselk
20080116.01.tpd.patch regression test special fns against Abramowitz & Stegun
20080119.01.tpd.patch add E1 special function
20080119.02.tpd.patch add Franz Lehner
20080119.03.tpd.patch handle E1(0.0) correctly
20080120.01.gxv.patch handle numlock in hyperdoc (Greg Vanuxem)
20080120.02.tpd.patch 7101/204 fix MoreSystemCommand
20080120.03.tpd.patch 7102/412 fix equality in TBAGG
20080125.01.tpd.patch add En special function
20080125.02.tpd.patch change VERSION variable

March 2008 Release

March 2008 Release Notes

20080127.01.tpd.patch refcard
20080130.01.tpd.patch Ei
20080201.01.tpd.patch 7016 LexTriangularPackage
20080209.01.tpd.patch add Exponential Integral to book
20080210.01.tpd.patch powerpc-macosx defs patch
20080215.01.tpd.patch ++E examples
20080216.01.wxh.patch hash tables to speed compiles
20080216.02.tpd.patch add function examples
20080217.01.wxh.patch fix hash tables to speed compiles
20080218.01.tpd.patch add function examples
20080218.02.tpd.patch add function examples
20080219.01.tpd.patch add additional firefox hyperdoc pages
20080220.01.tpd.patch add additional firefox hyperdoc pages
20080221.01.tpd.patch add additional firefox hyperdoc pages
20080221.02.wxh.patch 7099 complex gamma function investigation
20080222.01.tpd.patch 7099 logGamma vs log(Gamma)
20080222.02.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080222.03.tpd.patch move hyperdoc bitmaps location
20080229.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080301.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080302.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080303.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080304.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080305.01.tpd.patch add additional hyperdoc page translations
20080312.01.tpd.patch BasicSieve, primes, intfact documentation
20080313.01.pab.patch hashcode for Aldor
20080314.01.wxh.patch heugcd fricas rev 256
20080316.01.acr.patch bug 7113 invisible times
20080316.02.tpd.patch CATS verification
20080317.01.tpd.patch CATS verification
20080318.01.tpd.patch CATS verification
20080323.01.tpd.patch add menus to firefox axiom console
20080325.01.tpd.patch mathml invisibletimes regression testing
20080325.02.tpd.patch move display function to bookvol5
20080325.03.tpd.patch handle firefox operations page requests

May 2008 Release

May 2008 Release Notes

20080328.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080330.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080331.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080401.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080402.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080403.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080404.01.tpd.patch faq 45, faq 46
20080406.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080408.01.tpd.patch mapleok cleanup
20080409.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080409.02.tpd.patch add src/doc/toe.gif by Max Tegmark
20080409.03.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080413.01.tpd.patch CATS integration regression testing
20080414.01.tpd.patch CATS integration test suite
20080415.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (1)
20080416.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (2-7)
20080417.01.tpd.patch fixed 14:150
20080417.02.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (8-10)
20080418.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (1-11)
20080419.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (12)
20080420.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (13)
20080421.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (14-16)
20080423.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (17-22)
20080424.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (23)
20080425.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (24-25)
20080426.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (26-28)
20080427.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom equivalence testing (29-34)
20080428.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixex
20080429.01.tpd.patch CATS post-mortem typo fixes for schaum12
20080430.01.tpd.patch CATS schaum13 post-mortem fixes
20080501.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixes
20080502.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixes
20080504.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixes
20080504.02.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixes
20080505.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixes
20080505.02.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom branch cut analysis
20080506.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixups
20080508.01.wxh.patch intef.spad integrate(asech(x)/x,x) bug
20080508.02.tpd.patch ignore gensyms in schaums regression tests
20080511.01.tpd.patch CATS Schaums-Axiom post-mortem fixup
20080523.01.tpd.patch MIT integration tests
20080526.01.tpd.patch add fedora8-64 to Makefile

July 2008 Release

July 2008 Release Notes

20080527.01.tpd.patch Fedora 9 updates
20080528.01.tpd.patch configure/readme rewrite
20080529.01.dxh.patch fix hyperdoc on interrupted rebuilds
20080530.01.tpd.patch books creation
20080531.01.tpd.patch construct book PDFs
20080601.01.tpd.patch bookvol8/graphics documentation
20080603.01.tpd.patch remove src/graph/view2d
20080604.01.tpd.patch bookvol8 extract view3d
20080605.01.tpd.patch remove view3d directory and files
20080606.01.tpd.patch make viewman from bookvol8
20080606.02.tpd.patch remove view
20080606.03.tpd.patch correct pathnames in changelog
20080607.01.tpd.patch make viewalone from bookvol8
20080607.02.tpd.patch Remove src/graph/viewalone directory
20080607.03.tpd.patch FAQ 48: Getting Axiom source from git
20080608.01.tpd.patch make gdraws from bookvol8
20080608.02.tpd.patch remove gdraws directory, use bookvol8
20080608.03.tpd.patch remove src/graph, use bookvol8
20080609.01.tpd.patch move hypertex into bookvol7
20080609.02.tpd.patch remove unused files in src/hyper
20080609.03.tpd.patch src/hyper directory removed, use bookvol7
20080610.01.tpd.patch build bookvol11
20080610.02.tpd.patch stop redundant builds
20080611.01.tpd.patch general form updates for books
20080613.01.tpd.patch compress viewman.c to a single file
20080614.01.tpd.patch compress viewalone to a single C file
20080618.01.tpd.patch use dvipdfm for hyperlinking (Anatoly Raportirenko)
20080619.01.tpd.patch add Anatoly Raportirenko
20080619.02.tpd.patch systematically index chunks
20080619.03.tpd.patch add Ralf Hemmecke documentation to ax.boot
20080620.01.wxh.patch fix direct product multiply in Monoid
20080621.01.wxh.patch default to close on failed read
20080701.01.tpd.patch update faq for X11 libs
20080704.01.tpd.patch add Samantha Goldrich to credits
20080707.01.tpd.patch construct hypertex from bookvol7
20080715.01.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 hyperdoc pages
20080715.02.tpd.patch remove src/hyper/pages/*.ht
20080715.03.gxv.patch mousewheel handling by Greg Vanuxem
20080715.04.tpd.patch remove ht.db from bookvol7
20080717.01.tpd.patch remove src/graph
20080718.01.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 hyperdoc additional documentation
20080719.01.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 more documentation
20080720.01.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 hyperdoc documentation added
20080721.01.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 hyperdoc specific macros
20080722.01.tpd.patch change VERSION number

September 2008 Release

September 2008 Release Notes

20080724.01.tpd.patch document lisp calls from hypertex
20080725.01.tpd.patch reflow for line latex overflows
20080727.01.tpd.patch update What's New pages
20080728.01.tpd.patch expand RootPage->Topics->Numbers
20080729.01.tpd.patch expand next tree level
20080729.02.tpd.patch more hyperdoc pages 1 of 2
20080729.03.tpd.patch bookvol7.1 part 2 of 2
20080802.01.tpd.patch Build ht.db from bookvol7.1
20080809.01.tpd.patch Remove pages directory
20080814.01.tpd.patch Use uncompress at build time
20080815.01.tpd.patch make firefox pages before input tests
20080816.01.tpd.patch comment out long running test
20080816.02.tpd.patch add additional regression tests
20080817.01.tpd.patch fix uncompress
20080817.02.tpd.patch recover function.input
20080817.03.tpd.patch exported function documentation
20080818.01.tpd.patch demo Axiom type towers (Hemmecke)
20080818.02.tpd.patch new input files (Stumbo, Cyganski, Hemmecke)
20080819.01.tpd.patch overload.input added (Cyganski)
20080820.01.tpd.patch fix typos in latex code
20080821.01.tpd.patch add MappingPackage4
20080822.01.tpd.patch add linalg,overload regressions
20080823.01.tpd.patch UnaryRecursiveAggregate API examples
20080823.02.tpd.patch stream API examples
20080823.03.tpd.patch ++CapitalLetter syntax change
20080824.01.tpd.patch use ++X for example lines
20080824.02.tpd.patch expose difference between ^ and ** (Xaiojun)
20080827.01.wsp.patch replace \over with \frac (Page)
20080828.01.mxr.patch add cost to bottomUp output (Page)
20080829.01.tpd.patch graphviz dotfile decoration
20080830.01.tpd.patch graphviz dotfile decoration
20080831.01.tpd.patch graphviz dotfile decoration
20080901.01.tpd.patch add start of multivar poly test suite
20080904.01.tst.patch add reduce example (Tsikas)
20080904.02.tpd.patch graphviz dotfile decoration
20080905.01.tpd.patch graphviz dotfile decoration
20080906.01.tpd.patch move aggcat.spad to bookvol10
20080908.01.tpd.patch bookvol10 latex cleanup
20080909.01.tpd.patch bookvol0 change \over to \frac
20080911.01.tpd.patch bookvol11 fix firefox background image
20080911.02.tpd.patch bookvol10 merge coerce.spad
20080912.01.tpd.patch split bookvol10 into 10, 10.1..4
20080916.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 document additional categories
20080917.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 remove dup function defn in FLAGG
20080917.02.wsp.patch mkfunc.spad add parse function
20080918.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add BASTYPE, SETCAT, ABELSG
20080918.02.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add FINITE, ORDSET, SGROUP
20080919.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add more categories
20080920.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add more categories
20080921.01.tpd.patch September 2008 release fixups

November 2008 Release

November 2008 Release Notes

20080925.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 new categories added
20080926.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 new categories, attributes added
20080927.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 new categories, absorb naalgc
20080928.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 new categories, absorb trigcat
20080930.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 move XF, FPC from ffcat.spad
20081001.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add more categores
20081002.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add more categores
20081003.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add POLYCAT
20081004.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add UPOLYC, update attributes
20081005.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081006.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081007.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories, update ATTREG
20081008.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add ACF, fix MONOGEN, FFCAT
20081023.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081026.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081027.01.tpd.patch add sae.input regression test
20081029.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081101.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081105.01.axj.patch add reclos2.input
20081106.01.tpd.patch remove matcat.spad from src/algebra/Makefile
20081107.01.tpd.patch ignore probabilistic results
20081108.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081109.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081110.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081112.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 add categories
20081114.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.3 add dhmatrix
20081115.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.2 remove duplicates in export lists
20081116.01.tpd.patch rosetta.pamphlet fix magnus URL
20081118.01.tpd.patch make parallel test work
20081119.01.tpd.patch november 2008 release
20081119.02.tpd.patch november 2008 fixups

January 2009 Release

In process, not yet released

20081122.01.tpd.patch ubuntu64 parallel core support
20081122.02.tpd.patch put axiom-website under git control
20081123.01.tpd.patch fraction.spad missed in category update
20081124.01.tpd.patch November release cleanup
20081124.02.tpd.patch bookvol10.3 add domains
20081124.03.tpd.patch move util.ht to doc (fix 7146)
20081124.04.tpd.patch bookvol10.3 add domains
20081124.05.tpd.patch bookvol0, bookvol1 fix SmallFloat reference
20081125.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.3 add domains
20081129.01.tpd.patch index.html - fix broken link
20081130.01.tpd.patch website -- add videos page
20081130.02.tpd.patch website -- add videos page
20081201.01.tpd.patch bookvol10.3 add domains
20081201.02.tpd.patch add missing files